NDIR is a full-featured color directory lister with many options:

  • Supports all standard directory-listing options such as sorted listings, selecting which data elements are displayed, showing or hiding special files (system/hidden/read-only), etc.

  • Support for long filenames under FAT16, FAT32, NTFS

  • All configuration is handled via a .INI file. The search method used by NDIR to find the INI file is (1) search in the current directory, then (2) search in the location where the executable was located. If neither of these locations contain an INI file, generate a default file in the directory where the executable was located. Configuration files offer several advantages over other configuration methods, such as modifying the executable (which is what NDIR used to do), or storing data in the registry:
  • Changing configuration is easy - just edit the file, and the next time any of the utilities is executed, your changes are there!
  • Your custom configuration is never lost when upgrading to a new version; the INI file is separate from the executables.
  • Moving your configuration to another machine simply requires copying the INI file; try *that* with registry settings!
  • You can have custom configurations for special directories. For example, you might choose two-column or four-column display by default, but might have a directory with many files in it, where you prefer the six-column (filename only) display. You can easily customize individual displays in individual directories by putting a second INI file in that directory, with different settings; as noted above, NDIR searches the current directory before searching the default location.
  • Display system/hidden/readonly files with special colors.

  • Display either LAST_MODIFIED date/time or FILE_CREATED date/time (MSDOS 7.00+ only).

  • Supports up to 200 different file-extension color settings.

  • Powerful directory-tree display shows sizes of individual directories, as well as cumulative sizes of all subdirectories. Directory tree can be sorted by filename or directory size (ascending or descending).

  • Display disk-drive summary (-i).

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