Welcome to the NDIR color directory lister support page!!

NDIR is a full-featured, freeware color directory lister.  It is a complete replacement for the DOS DIR command, with many additional features; some of the features are shown in the examples below.

Effective January 2005, the source code for NDIR is now available here. It is freeware, as is the program itself. Have fun. The only thing I ask is that, if you distribute a modified NDIR or UNDIR, please change the name slightly. Of course, it would be only polite to leave reference to my original version in your docs somewhere.

Features of NDIR
The different types of NDIR
NDIR Revision History

NDIR screen shots
  • two-column listing with full header
  • two-column listing with minimized header
  • disk-drive summary display
  • directory-tree display
  • list-by-extention display mode
  • Download NDIR version 2.44 here
    Download NDIR source code here

    NDIR16 Source Code

    I have been hesitant, in the past, to distribute the source code for the 16-bit utility, because I had used a commercial library for screen I/O, and I assumed that I could not re-distribute the required library file. However, I recently contacted the author of the library and got permission to distribute the required library file, so I have decided to release this source code, finally.

    However, this distribution comes with a caveat:
    Since I am no longer able to either build or run this program, I took my best shot at gathering all the required files together in this package - but I make no guarantees that it is complete; of course, if I am notified that something is missing, I will do my best to obtain the missing files.

    This package was built using Microsoft Visual C++ V1.52 and a later version of MASM.

    Download NDIR16 source code here

    And now, there's a Linux version of NDIR!!  It preserves most of the functionality of the Win32 NDIR, except for certain items such as short filenames, which don't apply there.  It's called UNDIR, and like its DOS/Windows mentor, the program and source code are freeware.

    Download UNDIR source code (V1.25) here

    View undir Revision history