The NDIR software package contains several utilities:


This is the 16-bit version of NDIR. It's significantly quicker than the 32-bit version, but it doesn't support long filenames under WinNT. It also can be confused by certain special characters in Win9X long filenames (though this is rarely an issue). Since it's a 16-bit program, it's limited to available real-mode memory (remember that??), so if you try to read *alot* of data, it may run out (try listing a directory tree from the root of a 30GB drive!!).


This is the 32-bit version of NDIR. It properly handles long filenames under WinNT. It's significantly slower than NDIR16, but unless you're running under old, slow CPUs such as my old AMD K6-2/350, you won't likely be able to see the difference. I haven't been able to fool it by putting odd characters in long filenames.


This is a new Windows version of NDIR. It has several advantages over NDIRH, as well as the console programs:
  • You can scroll freely through the display listings.
  • You can change the display format at any time, by typing different formatting commands; for example, you can switch between directory-tree display (d), normal filename-and-size display (4), XTdir mode (q), etc.
  • You can drop other paths onto WNDIR from Explorer, and it will display the new path. You can switch between listings by using Paths pulldown menu, which will list all paths that have previously been entered into it.

  • (0). NDIRH.EXE

    NDIRH has been removed from the distribution, being replaced by WNDIR. The ability to select the display font was a fun trick, but in practice the program was simply awkward to use, and the font display only worked for Internet Explorer, not Netscape nor Opera... [sigh]

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