Wizard's Castle intro

Many cycles ago, in the Kingdom of DOS, the gnomic sorcerer Joseph R. Power released his iconic game The Wizard's Castle. It ran in Basic, and was the first non-text-adventure game that I played on the IBM PC. Many an hour I spent in that original castle, though I was supposed to be working on my senior project...

Now I, the derelict, have converted this into a Windows game using sprite-based graphics:

game screen

Much time has passed since the original castle was discovered, and the state-of-the-art of gaming has moved far beyond this simple model, but I still enjoy playing this game now and then, and it still poses reasonable challenges.  I hope you will enjoy it too!!

This program is released as freeware. It can be included on any distribution site or other media without contacting me.

Download Wizard's Castle ( Current version: 1.38 )
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There is no installation file. Just unzip the archive into a directory somewhere, and run winwiz.exe.

Source Code for The Wizard's Castle

The C source code for this program is available here. It is also freeware, you may use this code in any way you wish, modify it to your heart's content, and distribute it any way you wish. The only thing I ask is that you retain a reference to me, and to this site, both in the source code and in the documentation for your modified program.

Download Wizard's Castle source code here

Note: the Mingw compiler environment does not contain the files required for calling the html help system. I am enclosing them here:
Download html help files here
Put htmlhelp.h in /mingw/include
Put libhtmlhelp.a in /mingw/lib
That *should* be all that is needed to link the help file to the program.

Original Source Code for The Wizard's Castle
Download original Wizard's Castle source code here